zaterdag 17 juni 2017

Julianne Maclean
The Color of a Silver Lining
Thanks for the ARC and I volunteer to give a very honest review on the book!
The story has a nice strong start which
gets the interest of the reader right at the beginning!
The book is way different then the usual ones but
especial for my self of great interest!
Thestory has a exellent charcater full of intriques and very memotional
 but foremost of of very high psychological level
and paranormal abilities,although we all would be able to have this abilities if used properly!
A story that kept me reading on till the very end!
four exellent charaters in the story, where the females played the hed roles!
 great storyline and so was the story, exceptional and
 for me far more worth a 5 star
For Julianne!
YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!! I would love to read so much more of these!

Barking Bad!
A nice clean romance? thriller kind of story!
For lovers of clean romances a good one  to read
  easy reading as it is written in a somewhat humoristic way
about Hollywood expereinces and intrigues, tention and love
but surely  the English way is waved into  the story
Its building up to a tensioned end with even shooting .but still having a happy end!
The main character Tessa is a lovely dynamic one ,plays a exllent role in it!
good storyline and so is the story!
for me good for a  4star!!

donderdag 15 juni 2017

What,s Left Of Me!
A outstanding story!
perhaps the best I ever red! 
A overwhelming story which had a huge impact!
A page turner, one that grabs you by the throat and keeps you there to the very end!
Emotions running very high ,at certain point ,I needed to lay it aside for awhile ,cound,t read on!
when emotions went far to high for me!
But still so important to read to as it is a very actual theme these days, amd som uch families are getting confronted with it ,including myself!
# wonderful character in Aundrea,Parker and not to forget ,Genna! who played a fantastic role in the story!
I sure want to read the other books from the auhor also!
A five star is the highest rate ,but for me ,this book is far above this level!
thanks to the author for such a great story!

maandag 12 juni 2017

I think that i have a good chance that I enjoyed to read Bidding on Love
as much as the author did writing the book!
first of thanks so much for letting me read this nice book for free
and in return I ,ll place a honest review here!
I found it a nice dynamic heated romance which had all the main ingredients in it
to come out as a good level book!Like there was enough heat , emotions and tension between the two main characters ,Diego and Lily!
I had the feelig that the author knew exactly how much sexual scenes to wave into the story ,just nice not overloaded!
Story has build up toward a hight of love and romance
ending in a happily ever after
He,d Bid on Love and Won!
I am surely in for future reads on other books from the author!!
thanks again!!

vrijdag 9 juni 2017

Thnaks for letting me read this book for free! In return i am
volunteering to place a honest review here!
The book got me right at the start with a strong opening first chapter and the story was builbing up
very nice which resulted in a page turner!
A better book known in the billionairs genre,
with secerts ,enough emotions ,intrigues,
and even heated scenes ,just enough to keep it interesting!
A story which has a good value to my opion!
Godd storyline and two lovely dynamic characters!
made it succesful into the story!
I love this kind of stories!
for me a winner!

maandag 5 juni 2017

Guarding Suzannah!
a exellent book!
A nice crime thriller. /love story!
where the author waved into a nice amount of crime, emotions, tension, intriques , and love! 
even some heated scenes which were fitting perfect into the story!
with its two gorgeous chacters! John and Suzanah ,where suzannah played the best role!
Abook with nice value!
build up good in the storyline and finish to a lovely happy after end
sure ,sure,sure! yesssssssssssssssssss!! i would like to red more of these stories!
thanks to the aythor for letting me read the book for free 
in return i volunteered to write a honest review here at goodreads

donderdag 1 juni 2017

Up to me a extra ordinairy short novel!
By now! i know its written for a contest and
I am prettty sure the author did a exllent job on that!
 especial as its about a difficult item!
But it was build up very good, nice character and
 a good story line!
A paranormal charater and very emotional story
with even crime in it! and feeling of love!
I really enjoyed reading this short novel!
and for the author!
 YeSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!! would like so much more of this!
 last but not least, thnaks to letting me read this novel for free
which in return i volunteered to place a review!