woensdag 12 april 2017

BBB,baps book blog: As with the other Amish book ,jacobs return, this ...

BBB,baps book blog: As with the other Amish book ,jacobs return, this ...: As with the other Amish book ,jacobs return, this is of the same calibre! It means just brilliant! this one is even better then the forego...
As with the other Amish book ,jacobs return, this is of the same calibre!
It means just brilliant! this one is even better then the foregoing!
So much value! soooooooooooo! much emotions! and tension!
beautiful story ,I couldn,t stop reading and spent all free time to read till the end!
The author knows very good how to keep you tight into reading!
and the rsult is one of the best ever!!
nice plot! and such very strong caracters in Adam and Sara!
resulted in a beautiful Amish story!
thanks for the author who did such a marvelous job!!
I would love so much more of this!

zaterdag 8 april 2017

A wondeful christian romance!
the story had s much value for me as the story relies strongly on the christian belief and the author
created three very good characters who turned the story into a real pageturner and continue reader, I must say well done!! to the author!
A smooth running story and storyline wihich keeps you tighjt into reading!
sure would read so much more of this!!
a high level book!!
One of the best books Ever red!
A pageturner at its best! it took me two days to speed trough this books, reading, reading, reading!!!The concept of the story is of great value, clean christian
and exeptional in the way as Amish/Mennonites live!
Very emotional throughout the entired book including the love and forgiveness which is discussed as we ourselfs and God can give!
I think its a best book to read for everyone getting aware of the values of real christianity and maybe reunite again with God!
The author did a marvelous job in this putting such a story into a book!
I sure gone read much more of these books, love these Amish/mennonite values!
for me far more worth then a 5 star!!

zaterdag 18 maart 2017

The Beloved Daughter!
A very outstanding book and story!
a story which can have a huge impact on the reader in religious way!
but also horror, the cruelty ,the tortue, the beastily behavior,the so heavely suffering
for so many years, makes the story not a nice one!! but still so very unique on its own!
Its could even function as a religious book for every chapter a different theme!
the everlasting trust on God and Jesus christ for these prisoners!
I am sure ,the author succeeded in getting awareness of all the cruelties!
Its a must read for every adult human beiing for awareness and support!
Do i want to read m0re of these books???
 yess!! I gone read all these books available at this author!!
The story is far more worth then a 5 star but unfortunately this is maximum

dinsdag 14 maart 2017

In Between!!
 A great book in several ways!
A book which has so much value!
A nice  actual story and a strong plot!
The author created some lovely main caracters in which katie and here foster parents played
a exellent role and not to forget her ever willing nad trusting friend  frances!
I enjoyed the story very much and while this is  the first book in the serie ,it means I nedd to read the other two as well! as it is sure worth to read them all three!
for me a must read!!

zaterdag 4 maart 2017

The Fear of The Blow!!
A extraordinairy book!
A book that leaves a huge impressive thought behind!
A book that show todays reality , what happens in certain families!
it show sadness, tragic, so much emotion, fear!!
but also enlightment!
but foremost a unconditional love! and faith! and hope!!
I am sure already ,that i will read the book ,again and again!
Actually i must read for everybody as a eyeopener?
as this is what happens to todays date in many families!
the author must have ha a lot of courage to write this book !, but now asx I did read it ,i ll know she di a exellent job on that! thanks ,Jena!!